End of November

I can’t believe I only have less than two weeks left here in Rome!!  It has gone by both fast and slow.  Of course I can’t wait to be back at home with everyone, but I’m also going to miss all my friends here as well.  The last two weeks have involved lots of end of the year work.  I’ve had three research papers, finished The Decameron, along with regular work!  Now there are just finals to look forward to.  I had my Italian final this morning so I am officially down to four classes.  In the next week I have one more final paper, one oral exam, one movie, and two written tests!  Gotta love finals!  

The last few weeks I stayed in Rome and got work done. Thursday we had our very exciting Thanksgiving!  There was a bit of a panic because Monica’s father passed away two days before Thanksgiving.  We all agreed to pitch in and cook under Professor Balena’s lead.  Monica ended up coming and helping to get her mind of her father.  We all pitched in anyways and it was a great time all cooking together.  Thursday we pushed up all our classes and were finished classes by 11:45.  We started helping right away.  We peeled and sliced potatoes, mashed potatoes, made pies, made bread, and cooked the corn.  By the time 6:00 came around everyone was looking good.  We set up the tables in a special way so we could all fit.  There were a total of 23 people!  Marisa, Jenna, Adam, and Devan all had family here for the break so they were all there as well.  Colleen and I put together a little craft that I saw on pinterest.  We cut out a tree and everyone wrote what they were thankful for on a paper shaped like a leaf.  I thought it was a nice craft that made everyone realize what they were thankful for.  We had a great meal, and unlike my Thanksgivings in the States, we had wine.  Thinking about it now, it will be my first of many Thanksgivings where I will be able to enjoy a glass of wine with the meal!  After dinner and a long time chatting with everyone, I skyped my family at their Thanksgiving.  It was sad seeing everyone, but I enjoyed seeing them.

The next day Professor Balena and his friend went out to lunch because I was the only one still here for the weekend!  We had a nice meal and then I ventured off to the city to get some shopping done.  I got off and walked for a long time not knowing where I was going.  I ended up arriving near the Vatican and headed home because it was getting dark and I’ve heard about many abductions that happen because girls are walking alone in the city at night!  Professor Balena made him and I some turkey soup for dinner, and then we watched a movie on TV. 

Saturday morning Jenna’s family left for Boston so she joined me again!  We went out for lunch with Professor Balena again and enjoyed a nice conversation.  After lunch she and I went to a market to get gifts.  We both were very happy because we got a lot of gifts!  We had dinner together and then we watched The Truman Show with Professor Balena.  I had seen this movie but thought about it in a deeper level this time watching it. 

Sunday was a homework day.  I wrote an essay for Art History, studied for Italian, and wrote a weekly paper for Theology. 

Next weekend Jenna, Colleen, and I are traveling to Cinque Terre.  Cinque Terre are a collection of five cities located in Northern Italy on the coast!  Devan and Sinead traveled there earlier in the semester and absolutely raved about it so we decided to spend our last weekend there.  Have a great week! xoxo